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IPTorrents, What is everyones opinion good or is there better for general content? : trackers

55 votes, 175 comments. Title says it all

Is the $20 donation fee to get into IPTorrents worth it? : trackers

142k members in the trackers community. A subreddit for discussing public & private trackers.

Why do people hate iptorrents ? : trackers

I always thought iptorrents was okay . It had most of my needs . and the speeds were not that bad . But lately . everybody seems to hate on it and I …


r/IPT: An unofficial IPTorrents subreddit

Question about IPTorrents : trackers

48 votes, 80 comments. So I’ve been using IPT for around three months. A trusted family friend invited me, so naturally I didn’t really question the …

Filelist or IPTorrents? : trackers

48 votes, 86 comments. Which one is comparatively a better tracker for general purposes and why? I know about IPTorrents shady history, but please …

PSA: Please be careful if you're a member of IPTorrents. The IP addresses from their swarms are still being logged. : trackers

If you were not aware, a few days ago there was a post here about a group of people that was actively logging the IP addresses from IPTorrents'...