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Banner Health makes health care easier, so your life can be better. Find a provider, schedule an appointment, or find the nearest Banner Health location near you.

BLC Banner Learning Center EFFECTIVE Tuesday, November 21, signing on to the BLC has changed and been simplified: All Employees (including BSS Staff) - Click here to log in. John’s email is [email protected] and his network username

The web page that you requested cannot be accessed at this time. If you continue to receive this message, please contact the Banner Health IT Service Desk at: 602-747-4444 for assistance. Please reference the Support ID when calling.

BLC Training for Managers Presented By: Banner Health Learning & Development Team. - ppt download
24 July 2008Learning & Development Team v 1.03 Logging In Username: Enter your Lawson ID # Password: Enter your BLC password (same as you used prior to the BLC upgrade) Click the LOGIN button. You wil

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Organization (WHO) confirmed that a novel coronavirus was the cause of a respiratory illness in a cluster of people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, which was reported to the WHO on 31 December 2019.