Some Movie Making Tips

1) Just Do It. Get started today. Commit to doing it and work towards your goal on a daily basis. Make up your mind to do this. Spend an hour or even 30 minutes each day to accomplish your goal.

2) Accept the reality that your going to start by creating a tiny movie with no budget. Stop worrying about finding an funder and just make a film with the assets you have available.

3) It’s all about the tale. You need to come up with a unique clever plot that while still an indie film project is high concept. Keep in the mind the limitations of a very low budget and create a script that works around that budget.

4) Use all the resources on the web to assist making things easier. There tend to be a ton of great websites that are free that you can use on the internet. Craigslist, TriggerStreet and Mandy.

5) Signup your friends and relatives to help. Even if they are not film people everyone watches films. You would be surprised how much constructive feedback you can get from them on your screenplay for rewrites. And also helping on set when your filming the flick. Don’t neglect to ask.

6) Post-production. If you have an apple computer system you can get a vip customer care upgrade for $99 year which allows you to have once a week one-to-one tutoring on any apple software product. The cheapest way to learn how to do post production.

7) Producers Rep. This is a profession. If you have a excellent film find a rep to assist you to market and sell your film. They will assist with the Publicity and get your movie into film festivals. Most importantly they will represent you in the sale of your film and get you the most money possible.

8) Wrap Party and Private Screening. These are the two most satisfying elements of making a film. Throwing a big party where you are the star and showing your movie to an audience for the first time.

9) Film Festivals. While Sundance, Toronto and Cannes are the big three film festivals there are a ton of additional festivals where filmmakers have sold scripts and launched careers. Stay unbiased in all aspects of the process including the smaller nearby festivals.

10) Get started on your next feature before your finish your first. Just don’t get sidetracked. Stay focused and take small steps daily until you have your first project film. When anyone asks you what you do you can inform them that you have got, “Numerous projects in various stages of productions.”